The Willow Connection provides women with all kinds of interesting and educational programs. The Willow tree is known for its ability to regenerate itself from almost total destruction. Sinking its roots deeply near a water source, the strength and feminine beauty of the Willow is symbolic of the strength and beauty of all women. A woman’s intuitive ability to reach for a source of regeneration and connection is a valuable thing in today’s world. We are constantly finding ourselves redefining and recreating ourselves, due to circumstances which are sometimes beyond our control.

The Willow Connection offers all kinds of opportunities to have fun, be educated, meet and connect with the extraordinary women who teach, lead and participate in the Willow events and seminars. What differentiates the Willow Connection from other organizations is its mission to encourage women to stretch beyond their self-imposed limitations and try things they might never have dared. In other words, we want women to put themselves on the top of their “To Do” lists, take time to play, develop and use their talents and above all; have FUN while living the life they were meant to live…all without spending a lot of money!

The Willow Connection “Main Events” are unlike any other women’s conference! We have workshops and activities like rock wall climbing, belly dancing lessons, jewelry making, painting, film making and horse whispering.

Our “Slipper Camps” are the soft side of boot camps…where we receive valuable information on important issues such as managing finances, honing marketing skills, and health and wellness topics, while being pampered with massages, chocolate and other good things…there’s absolutely no reason that one cannot learn while enjoying oneself!

The “Permission to Play” events have taken us everywhere from cookouts to bowling. They are designed to reflect the name…they give us permission to play; because women don’t usually allow themselves to take time for fun since we’re so busy taking care of everyone else!

The “Under the Willow” seminar series features amazing speakers from all walks of life who are willing to share their expertise in a huge variety of topics.

Because sometimes we get “stuck” at a crossroads and can’t decide which way to go, North Star Life Mapping Strategies offers classes, seminars and personal coaching by trained life/career coaches who can help you get “unstuck” and choose the path you want to take in order to e the best you can be, personally and professionally.

The Willow Connection offers all of this, plus amazing mentoring programs, The DIVA Club, and new things happening all of the time. The Willow branches are spreading to more and more wonderful women who are learning to appreciate and honor themselves by meeting friends and growing stronger as part of the community known as The Willow Connection.


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"WOW!  Talk about feeling special!  I laughed, I played, I ate, I talked, I had one heck of a time!  Thank you, Linda!"

--Dr. Carrole A. Wolin, President, National Institute for Leadership Development

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