Willow Connection Launch Party

Phoenix Art Museum

October 5, 2004

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"The Willow Connection event really gave me the opportunity to try some things for the first time that I probably would not have tried otherwise. It was non-threatening, encouraging, and only women. Your program was entertaining but more than that, it was totally supportive of all the things women face. And I felt very pampered, getting a massage and having our very own chocolate fountain!"

--Joan Poladian



"Just as willow trees are connected at the roots and nourishment to one benefits all, I am greatly impressed with the Willow Connection Organization, it's concepts and goals. Linda's dream to provide every woman a connection and support while supplying laughter as medicine to the soul is truly inspirational."

--Terri Kresge


"What a great day!!! Everything went without a hitch and was presented beautifully. What fun I had...I can't believe I climbed the rock!. Laugh, laugh, laugh!!! That's my philosophy too. Something good always comes from something bad, but sometimes we just need to be reminded of that and you did just that today. Thank you soooo much for including me."

--Carol Henderson

"Linda creates a fun, exciting and playful atmosphere wherever she is and the recent Willow Connection event at the Phoenix Art Museum is no exception. The event gathered an awesome group of women and provided an excellent opportunity for networking. I am grateful for my chance to contribute and connect."

--Daharra Kresge



"The Willow Connections was so much more than what I was expecting! It was a fabulous day. I went with some of my co-workers and we all had so many adventures - we rock climbed, made a video, created jewelry, painted, learned to belly dance, got a massage and ate tons of delicious food - our favorite was the chocolate fountain! I was impressed with the entire day but of course I shouldn't have been knowing how creative and generous Linda is. She made everything special and you could tell this is her passion and a labor of love. I can't wait to see what's next!"

--Mindy Badgley

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